Milestones in Science is a supplementary self-study book that provides both intensive and extensive reading practice for 1-2 year university students in Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science, Information Technologies and Physics.

Milestones in Science is aimed at developing and improving reading and translation skills using the authentic texts dedicated to scientists and inventors who have made the most significant contribution to the development of information and computer technologies.

Milestones in Science is systematic in the development of reading and translation skills featuring:

  • a variety of text-based activities, focused on scanning, skimming and intensive reading,
  • a number of word formation and vocabulary tasks focused on high-frequency, useful words and phrases to make vocabulary easy to remember and use,
  • clear treatment of grammar areas extending students' understanding of grammar forms,
  • a wide range of different techniques focused on improving summarizing skills,
  • a focus on the meaning of words and expressions based on structural and contextual analysis.